Mediation and Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict Resolution and Mediation?

In life, whether in personal relationships or the workplace, conflict is normal and inevitable. In everyday situations where people express different values, needs, principles or priorities, disputes can often result. Poorly managed disputes can lead to difficult relationships, broken families, workplace grievances, and sometimes court and tribunal claims.

Many disputes can be resolved without external support, by talking, listening, collaborating and compromising. However, from time to time people can become more entrenched in a disagreement, and even their advisors, employers, friends or family may struggle to help them find an acceptable solution. In these circumstances the introduction of an independent third party, the Mediator, can be effective in helping those involved move on from fixed positions and resolve their differences.

Mediation is a flexible approach to conflict resolution and has increasingly gained acceptance as a cost-effective way to resolve disputes. Differences between Individuals at work can lead to absenteeism, disciplinary and grievance procedures and ultimately loss of key staff. The Mediation approach offers all parties the opportunity to work together to find a realistic and constructive resolution to their differences. The final outcome is determined and agreed by the parties not the Mediator.

What is Facilitation?

In some circumstances a facilitative approach can be beneficial for groups. Tony has developed a facilitation model, which provides the benefit of individual meetings in conjunction with the facilitated team meeting. When communication difficulties lead to polarisation within a team, the facilitation model can support the development of constructive dialogue leading to a re-establishment of effective working relationships.


Tony Hamlin

Tony Hamlin MSc, PG Certs, ACIB provides Mediation, Facilitation and Training services in Kent and London. A mediator for 17 years, he specialises in Workplace Mediation in the statutory and commercial sectors and conflict resolution within the NHS.

Tony has had over 10 years experience of mediating complaints within the NHS where his facilitative approach has been successful in supporting those involved reach a resolution. Difficulties within teams can arise as they address transitions inherent in the changing environment. Tony has a sound track record in supporting groups and GP Partnerships to find their own solutions to restore the effectiveness of the team.

 Tony has an MSc from Birkbeck, London University in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies and a PG Certificate in Applied Systemic Practice from The Tavistock Institute. He was a member of the Programme Development Team for a new PG Mediation and Conflict Resolution Course at Regents University London. Tony is currently a Sessional Lecturer in Mediation Studies within the Law Degree at the Canterbury Christchurch University. Tony is a registered member of the Civil Mediation Council and a panel member for workplace mediation at the Canterbury Christ Church University Mediation Clinic.

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