Couples Counselling

Many people want to have a satisfying relationship with a partner and can be confused and disillusioned when things go wrong. Couple Psychodynamic Counselling and Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy provide a space for couples to discuss relationship problems in an atmosphere that encourages communication and resolution.

Couples Therapy draws on psychoanalytic theory and is based on the view that decisions and the subsequent behaviour that follows are motivated by both conscious and unconscious needs. The thinking is based on the understanding that the tension between the needs and internal conflicts of each individual are determined by early experiences alongside those that happen generally in life. The couple relationship is thus determined by each individual’s role responsiveness in relation to the expectations and assumptions (projections) of the other partner. The ‘couple fit’ as it has come to be thought of, is therefore a combination of both the strengths and shortcomings of both partners and is characterised by how these dovetail together.

Difficulties in a relationship are often related to outside pressures or life events and at these times couples can lose a sense of connection and sight of why they are together. Arguments and an increased distancing may lead to a crisis in a couple relationship, if this is not attended to it may lead to the life changing decision to separate and/or divorce.

Couple Therapy is a process in which the Therapist works with the couple to help both partners understand and resolve their relationship problems by becoming more aware of how they view the world and the influences from the past, which affect their responses in the present.

Working with a Couple Therapist can also be helpful where there has been the loss of a partner through separation, divorce or death.

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