Key functionality

reconnection from offline explanation - This system works by keeping the projects tab open when the system is taken offline. The data will be saved locally and reuploaded automatically with a choice of saving to the existing project or to a new project once a connection has been reestablished. Multiple projects can be open when taken offline and will save separately.

project create - import or manually create

references task names are customised data allowing a brief reference to task name and may typically be LLLSSSRRR where L=location, S=system, R=resource

projects (programmes) - create, import from xlsx (perhaps from P6 via MS Project)

wbs and tasks - create in boxplanner (or imported)

task content - e.g. scope, diary, history added in Storymaker from emails and documents, make a report by filtering across wbs/task/dates/text and then exported


Project (name) is complete package of data. When you become disconnected from the website you can carry on working and reconnect later. On reconnection you can re-name the project to preserve both versions.

Task (as ms project and asta, in p6 “activity”, and nec3 “operation”is the basic bar showing the planned work. In addition to start, finish and duration a task has 3 available for filtering etc – theses are location, resource, system.

Wbs, work breakdown structure (hierachy in asta, wbs in P6 and ms project) organises the tasks into meaningful organised groups. Udf, user defined fields in p6 and asta, custom fields in ms project have been established for location, resource, system.

Constraints and lags are for simplicity and to avoid misunderstandings not used in boxplanner.

Calendar is defined at creation of the project. Default is 09.00 – 17.00 Monday-Friday. Again for simplicity calendar exceptions for bank holidays etc are not used.

Reference Task Names : Initially Tasks, whether imported or created, will NOT have Reference Task Names. Task Names in Task Bars, and as Predecessors and Successors will be the full Task Name - potentially ugly and causing visual congestion…hence add Reference Task Names